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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Department of Marine Transportation

Below is a complete list of the Department of Marine Transportation Faculty.

Name Title Phone
Prof. Austin L. Dooley Adjunct Professor  
Prof. Paul Barchitta Associate Professor (516) 726-5882
CDR Matthew Bonvento Assistant Professor  
CDR William B. Brewer Assistant Professor (516) 726-5864
Pete Buhse Electronic Technician (516) 726-5886
Prof. Mario Castillo Adjunct Professor  
LT Joseph Castro, USCG USCG Liasion (516) 726-5635
CDR Kevin Clarke Associate Professor (516) 726-5885
CAPT Dennis Compton Professor Emeritus  
Prof. Dennis Cooney Adjunct Professor  
CDR Sarah Daleo Assistant Professor (516) 726-5870
CAPT Preston DeJean Interim Academic Dean/Associate Professor (516) 726-5299
CAPT George Edenfield Professor (516) 726-5874
Prof. Sean Fitzsimons Adjunct Professor (516) 726-5834
Prof. Andrew Garger Adjunct Professor  
Prof. David Gilmartin Associate Professor (516) 726-5887
Jade Girani Staff Assistant (516) 726-5872
Dr. Chang Qian Guan Professor, Assistant Department Head (516) 726-5880
LCDR Louis Guzzo Adjunct Professor (516) 726-5859
CAPT John Hagedorn Associate Professor (516) 726-5857
CAPT Brian Hall Professor (516) 726-5871
CAPT Douglas Hard Professor Emeritus  
CAPT Kevin Hasson Associate Professor (516) 726-5892
CDR Carolyn Hunter Assistant Professor (516) 726-5627
CAPT Jon Helmick Professor, Director Maritime Logistics and Security Program (516) 726-5855
CDR Ronald Jablonski Adjunct Professor (516) 726-5864
CAPT William Lindman Associate Professor (516) 726-5868
CDR John Lutz Associate Professor (516) 726-5851
Prof. Elizabeth McCarthy Adjunct Professor  
Prof. Scott McCormick Adjunct Professor  
CAPT Charles (Buck) McDermott Assistant Professor (516) 726-5608
Prof. Timothy McLellan Assistant Professor (516) 726-5862
CAPT Bob Meurn Professor Emeritus  
CAPT David Moskoff Professor,  Department Head (516) 726-5856
CAPT Emil Muccin Associate Professor (516) 726-5879
CAPT Michael Murphy Associate Professor (516) 726-5665
CAPT Scott Nicholas Associate Professor (516) 726-5890
CDR Ryan O'Toole Assistant Professor (516) 726-5868
CAPT Cynthia Robson Professor (516) 726-5869
CAPT Jamie Rock Associate Professor (516) 726-5882
CAPT Charles Rogan Associate Professor (516) 726-5878
CDR John Ryan Professor, Assistant Department Head (516) 726-5865
CAPT Ann Sanborn Associate Professor (516) 726-5853
CAPT George Sandberg Professor Emeritus  
Dr. Peter Schneider Associate Professor (516) 726 5875
CAPT Timothy Tisch, PhD. Professor (516) 726-5863
CAPT Sean Tortora Associate Professor (516) 726-5891
Dr. Hsinrong Wei Assistant Professor (516) 726-5873
CAPT James Zatwarnicki Assistant Professor (516) 726-5688
Last updated: Friday, November 1, 2019

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